This tablestand is designed and produced by DEENS.NL in 2008 already. It is a multifunctional stand which can be attached to all tables with a tabletop up to 8.5 cm thickness. The layer is telescopic, size 150-250 cm. The height of the stands is 90cm.

Have a look at some of our pictures, just to get inspired to make your own creation with TOON.

You can use TOON in different ways. Outdoor with some lanterns to create light above your table, once it becomes dark outside, or just hang some planters on it, to make your terrace even more cosy.

Indoors it is a perfect tool to decorate your diningtable for Christmas. Decorate with green garlands, x mas balls and small tealights for instant atmosphere.


We offer our bestseller coatrack KEES in two sizes. The big one is called KEES and measures 80x7x7 cm, the smaller one KEESJE measures 40×3,5×3,5 cm.

We combine the wooden base with trendy coloured S-hooks called HEIN (big) & HEINTJE (small). You can easily mount the coatrack to the wall with two screws and plugs. We did not implement the screws and plugs, because it is important to use the correct tools for your specific wall ( stone, wood, solid or not etc. etc.). We offer the S-hooks in several colours/ combinations twice a year, which are also available as a seperate productitem, so you can switch each season if you want to. The hooks are offered by 6 in a set.


To decorate your wall E|L produces these magnetic round wall deco in various trendcolours. Each season brings a new colourrange. MARIE has a leather string for hanging and will be delivered with 10 simple black magnets. To make MARIE even more fun, we designed these coloured dots which is a set of 12 magnets called MEES. We offer two colourranges each season in the latest trendcolours.